yes you – found heART photo project

Bringing back the elementary school holiday custom one sweet heart at a time.

Join us for a Valentine’s lark – our collaborative photo project intended to share some love. Simply print one of our illustrated templates and write a message. Once you’ve penned your love note, leave it some place unexpected to be discovered serendipitously by a stranger. Post your creation to instagram or vine, bonus points if you stick around to capture the recipient’s reaction. Follow us @larksandjapes and use hashtags (mot-dièse) #yesyou and #foundheART so that we can admire and record your heartfelt handiwork. If you happen to be one of the fortuitous finders, please share in the same manner. Stories behind the cards welcome.

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Stumped for something to say? Here are some site specific suggestions and a couple of randoms just for fun.

location based
♥ stopped to check you out {on a mirror or stop sign}
♥ is this seat taken? {park bench, subway}
♥ what ya got cookin’? {grocery, market, restaurant}
♥ you better shape up {gym}
♥ let’s ride {bike, car windshield}
just because
♥ howdy stranger
♥ in the right place
♥ you have a good
♥ xo
←♥- and you’re to blame
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