watermelon moonshine

watermelon punch
As soon as we decided to throw a Moonrise Kingdom inspired party, it was pretty much a no-brainer what type of alcohol would be spiking the punch. Moonshine! Jacque had spoken to one of the makers behind Kings County Distillery when the operation was first getting started, and reached out pre-picnic to co-owner Colin Spoelman for any cocktail advice using their goods. He graciously suggested his girlfriend’s Watermelon Moonshine Lemonade along with a few other recipes we’ll be sampling with our next flask. The color of this concoction alone is impressive, but we must say we were surprised at how well the liquor blended with the fruit flavors. Smooth and not too sweet – just make sure to serve this knockout punch over ice.
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watermelon punch

photo by Jacquie Osman


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