tv dinner

elegant superbowl entertaining1. hand crafted ceramic salsabol with spill proof curve that pushes dip onto chip – why didn’t we think of that? 2. recycled, hand blown glass pitcher  3. Ed Wohl maple + Heath Ceramics appetizer set  4. compostable cups  5. slip cast 64 oz beer growler by Portland  (perfect for tailgating too). 6. reusable un paper towels from natural linens  7. blast from the past [ and Dallas ] Texas ware vintage melmac cafeteria trays  8. woodgrain dinner tray [no more slip slidin’ away plates ] designed by ontwerpbureau  9. y’all already know about metal washtubs so here’s a smaller but stylish option – alder & co. resin ice bucket with leather handles by Tina Frey  10.  it’s a table! it’s a tray! – those clever Swedes [also at horne, this elegant & slim side table ]  11. Super Bowl 47 appropriate party favors – King Authur sourdough bread starter  12. make your own Old Bay Seasoning instructions & photo by Veggieful

[ need super bowl party recipe ideas? we started a game day board on pinterest ]

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