the silver screen cocktail

When we asked Hunter’s in Brooklyn for a drink suggestion we might serve at an Oscars party, we knew that we’d receive a delicious recipe. What we didn’t anticipate was how far the man behind the bar, Liam, would take our request and run with it. The ingredients of his concept cocktail all make reference to locations featured in this year’s nominated films. Let’s just say there is no culture clash going on here – the blend of flavors is unusual and amazing.

silver screen cocktail

the silver screen cocktail
recipe type: cocktail
prep time:
total time:
serves: 1
perfect for Oscars party theme
  • 2 oz old Overholt (Django, Lincoln, Beasts of the Southern Wild)
  • ½ oz St. Germain (Amour, Les Miserables)
  • Middle East Lemonade (Argo, zero dark thirty)
  • Cardamom Bitters (Life of Pi)
  1. shake with ice (Silver Lining?), strain and serve straight up


hunter's bar cobble hill brooklyn

Thanks, Liam and Steve!

photo credits : Alexis Fleisig

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