smoked nantucket blues

Editor’s Note: While Margie’s taking in the sights (and hopefully a pint or two of Guinness) in Ireland, her husband made a quick trip up the coast to Nantucket for a wild day at sea. Morgen and two other intrepid trawlers were rewarded at the end of their choppy excursion with an impressive haul of bluefish. But what to do with the catch…

nantucket Few pleasures compare with waking at 5 o’clock in the morning and kayaking out to a 90-horse whaler with your gear, when the seas are rough and the sun’s behind a heavy wall of grey, then riding the whaler like a bucking bull for an hour to the perfect feasting ground. But if you’ve never cast a line into the midst of a bubbling, frothing bluefish feeding frenzy, that’s just what you’ve got to do.

A few spirited mates help bolster the will.

Tom was the architect of this adventure. He and a mutual friend had convinced me to come to Nantucket a day earlier than originally planned so that I wouldn’t miss out on any fishing. We took the one-hour trip over some pretty rough water to Great Point at the northern end of Nantucket, where two currents collide and the bluefish hunt for breakfast. The gulls and terns scream overhead and dive when their own breakfast comes into view.

For equipment, you need a rod and reel – and it might be wise to bring an extra one in case the first flies off the boat when the wind is up and you’re being thrown into the air by a big swell. Not speaking from experience or anything…You also need a big sharp hook, some pliers to get it back out, a glove and a knife. A can of beer helps too when you’re done with your catch. Our experience was barely sporting – the fish seemed ready to jump into the boat, there were so many. But still, they put up a good fight. We hooked eight: one got away, we released two and took five home. [Read more…]

breakfast for dinner + filmstrips alfresco

Whatever you were planning to make this weekend, scrap it and try this brunch friendly, anytime awesome maple bacon sandwich from chic and cozy The Smile in New York. The thyme punctuated, maple marinated meat* recipe warranted its own party. We’re not even joking. The weather cooperated. Thyme is thriving in our gardens. You’ve got to love when all the elements come together. Kind of like the mayo spread that’s happening here. The addition of one unexpected ingredient – in this case, dates – changes the game.
bacon sandwich with date mayo by the smile NYC

[Read more…]

leftover makeover

Leftovers are an inevitable part of Thanksgiving. At least they should be. Seriously, pace yourself. Everything tastes better the next day (or as is often the case, later that evening). The meat’s been carved. Flavors have combined. There’s no one around to disapprove of your using hands instead of cutlery. While we always enjoy a good sandwich (swap out the chicken), it never hurts to switch things up and add another recipe to the box. Perhaps these creative reincarnations will encourage passing on that 3rd helping, saving a little room to eat your way past any Black Friday shopping spree guilt.

1. turkey -> pot pie 2. sweet yams -> veggie burgers 3. ham -> crustless quiche 4. green bean casserole -> stuffed portobello caps 5. creamed corn -> southwestern chowder 6. brussels sprouts -> lemony salad 7. mashed potatoes -> gnocchi 8. cranberry sauce -> whipped butter 9. pie -> shake (brilliant!)


by the light of the refrigerator door…

inspired by… moonrise kingdom

Moonrise Kingdom inspired sketch

concept sketch by Margie

Handwritten missives, vintage record players and canoes – these are a few of our favorite things, all of which make an appearance in Wes Anderson’s latest film, Moonrise Kingdom. Head over heels again for the director’s hallmark style, upon seeing the movie we soon were plotting a storybook escape of our own. A day of hooky set to 60’s French pop music at a location accessible by boat, we’d round up fellow precocious friends and spend the day lazing under trees or paddling the river, eating “grown up” grilled cheese and drinking contraband hooch.

Our party might look a little something like this. [Read more…]

recipes from a lazy picnic

picnic menu by larksandjapes.comAs we mentioned in our road trip post, we wanted to keep our getaway weekend as relaxed as possible. Nothing like a few girlfriends and glasses of wine to calm “I do” day jitters. To save precious time, we kept our picnic menu fairly simple, preparing as much as we could the night before, leaving mostly only assembling and packing up for the morning of our excursion. With the exception of a short-lived coffee scare  (the beans were whole with no grinder in sight, but a vintage blender came to the rescue ) our portable plan went off without a hitch.

cake in a jar - mason jar fruit cobbler [Read more…]