all hallow’s eve woodland gathering

1_lj_halloween_invite_graveInto the woods on a crisp autumn night, cocktail in hand to temper our fright. Oh, enough of that! But we did throw a small pre-Halloween bash and raised a toast to the departed in a nearby cemetery.
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sweet tooth? ideas to satisfy cravings


Here come the holidays! We’re all gonna need some chocolate (and wine) to get us through, and our Sweet Things pinterest board provides lots of recipe salvation inspiration.

It’s going to be OK.

base jump – olive oil

We have a big ol’ list of bookmarks, from projects to make and kid’s gifts to just for laughs and travel. The latter is chock-full of restaurants to visit based on friends’ recommendations and good press from sources we trust and admire. State Bird Provisions has us close to booking such a trip out west. Not that you have to twist our arms to drop in on San Francisco. Helmed by Chef / Proprietors, Stuart Brioza and Nicole Krasinski, the James Beard nominated eatery offers contemporary American small plates (we’re coming to get you, pecorino pancakes) and inventive desserts. And we just so happened to get our hands on a recipe for one: Arbequina Olive Oil Cake with Strawberries. The name alone got us salivating. Wait to you read all of the ingredients.

olive oil cake recipe
We can’t wait for strawberry season to get here so that we can try this deliciously bright cake.

Big thanks to Chef Nicole and Elizabeth for honoring our very last minute request with such a remarkable treat!

inspired by … march of the penguins

march of the penguin children's party sketch by Margie Lavender

concept sketch by Margie

Today’s adorable inspired by party was hosted by Julie Purchase, a Family Lawyer, obviously amazing Mom and the grown up baby sister of one of Margie’s oldest and dearest friends. The Travel to the Antarctic themed event was in honor of Julie’s son’s, Grayson, 4th birthday. Lucky boy!

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as american as apple pie, er, cake!

vintage polling booth banner on a barn by jacque

In an attempt to meet new neighbors, soothe some nerves and if truth be told, have a reason to hang this old vintage banner, Jacque invited a few folks (word of the election, folks!) over for a post vote brunch. And yes, stickers were required as proof for entry. After going back and forth on themed food: Melting pot – fondue! Red and blue menu! She came to her senses and realized that all anyone wants at 7:30 in the morning is a cup of strong coffee and maybe something sweet to eat. Pies were pinned but in the end, we had to break with tradition and opted to serve cake. Dense and delicious, the offering kept anyone from talking politics, for at least a good half hour or so. Hands warmed and civic duties accomplished, guests stayed just long enough to spill some crumbs and pat backs for ballot casting before they were off to enjoy a slice of actual pie at another house down the road.

You win some…

apple cake

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We celebrate the evening’s results with something a little stronger in tomorrow’s post.

party favors