spring shower

Ryan Brown catering_spreadThis post has been on the drawing board for an embarrassingly long time. It was a busy year, full of many fetes! But we figured with Mother’s Day being around the corner, we’d wrap it up and share details from the day and honor this adorable little (almost one!) gal’s Mom for a second time.

Dominique Alex

Margie and four friends / co-hosts threw an intimate get together full of l&j touches. While baby showers are not necessarily our specialty – though we’re getting lots of practice – this one was a breeze.

That is, except for the salt incident.

While making the first batch of Mama Lynn’s (Jacque’s Mom) addictive ginger almond tea, we mistook the salt for sugar. Oops! Luckily the mixup was discovered two ingredients into the recipe, before any guests had arrived. We can safely blame the blunder on some covered Depression glass charmingly masquerading as a sugar bowl.

peonies and ginger almond tea

For the non-moms-to-be, our lemon and ginger infused Bourbon mixes well with and adds a nice spice to the tea.

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ginger almond tea


the invite

To complement our guest of honor’s graceful style, we went for classic yet understated details. Arrangements of Andrew Dale Peonies, Hypericum berries, and Queen Anne’s Lace made a suitable match to our salmon, milky yellow and ivory color palette. Yes, you’ve seen these peonies before (in Christine’s wedding bouquet). The two happy occasions occurred in the same week so we couldn’t pass up incorporating these amazing, but seasonally fleeting, local flowers into both events.

baby shower menu

Berkshire ham on homemade buttermilk biscuits with fig compote +  camembert & Crostini with Bobo Farms pate, roasted grapes, and sunflower sprouts

Berkshire ham on homemade buttermilk biscuits with fig compote +
Camembert crostini
with Bobo Farms pate, roasted grapes, and sunflower sprouts

Prior to the party, hosts and family put together a playlist of songs that reminded them each of the honoree. Memories of lullabies, trips, after-school drives and misheard lyrics found their way into an eclectic mix that included everything from Andrea Bocelli’s “Time to Say Goodbye” and The Beatles, “Golden Slumbers” to Foreigner’s, “Hot-Blooded” (aka Hot Butter).

With OMD’s “So in Love” setting the scene, we nibbled a delectable cornucopia of small bites created by Ryan Brown that were as pretty as they were tasty…smoked trout on root vegetable pancakes with creme fraiche and chives, crab cakes with roasted pepper puree, carrot cannoli with Salvatore Brooklyn ricotta, Bloominghill Farm mesclun with heirloom tomatoes, watermelon radishes and a lemon vinagrette, to name just a few.

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RB crab cakes

Bloominghill mesclun salad_grilled veggiesFor dessert, we opted for a variety of popbar’s dipped gelato miniPops to celebrate our guest of honor’s one known craving…ice cream. Vanilla bars dipped in white chocolate and pistachios, coconut, sprinkles or mint in dark chocolate made for some difficult decision-making.
popbarEnding on a sweet note, our guests left with well wishes for baby and Mom-to-be, macaroons in tow.
macaroons_baby shower favor

to Dom and all Moms…xo!

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