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Albritton rooftop - foodstock

We spent a very pleasant Saturday afternoon on the Wesleyan campus attending Foodstock, an “all day extravaganza devoted to cooks and books.” While we weren’t exactly keen on the event’s title, we were very impressed with the line-up of speakers, a mix of food critics and chefs to bloggers and cookbook authors. We attended a few lectures together and a couple on our own, meeting up at the splendid cocktail reception to compare notes and share what we learned. The overall takeaway was this: It’s an exciting time to be an eater or maker in America. Food writing is much more than adjectives such as ‘yummy’ and ‘delicious’, also rarely pays. Finally, if you’re going to put your stuff out there, be it a review a post or take on grilled cheese, stay true to your own vision and voice. We’re taking those words and the ones below, to heart.

“The dinner party is more about what happens around the table than what’s on the plate.” – Ruth Reichl

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“Make a journal entry every time something goes into your mouth. Analyze it. Like it? Hate it? How to make it better? What feeling does it evoke? Build a taste memory bank.”
“It’s not about the food. It’s about the life the food evokes. Food is a door.” – Molly O’ Neill

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“Great wine has echo, not just in the glass but that stays with you, in some cases, forever.”- Eric Asimov
(who also suggested looking into wine from Sicily & the terraced hills of Spain’s Ribiera Sacre region)

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Moderator Faith Middleton (NPR) shared a fix for flat champagne – add 1/2 a new bottle of bubbly to the old. She tried with Krug and described the results as sublime.
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“Trust your smell when you walk into a restaurant and look for Sysco boxes out back.” – Jane Stern on where not to eat
(where to eat in US? East Tuscon, AZ; in CT? Lakeside Diner for pancakes)

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