preserving summer

favorite food picksPreserve summer’s final days with these small batch, warm-weather treats that savor summer and salute the coming fall.

1. hibiscus soda syrup for seltzer and cocktails | P& H Soda Syrup 2. locally-sourced, roast pumpkin mascarpone ice cream | The Bent Spoon 3. refreshingly tangy and drinkable apple cider vinegar | Switchel 4. jersey ketchup for one last barbecue | First Field Jersey Ketchup 5. spicy pickle potato chips | McClure’s Potato Chips 6. zesty salsa verde | Katchkie Farm Salsa Verde 7. iced coffee concentrate, for an extra caffeine boost | Chameleon Cold Brew 8. liquid iced tea concentrate, just add water | Maine Original 9. sweet corn relish | Rick’s Picks Corn Relish 10. artisinal french chenin | Paris Wine Company

about the author: Devon Walsh is a budding writer, researcher, editorial web producer and photographer based in Brooklyn, NY. She has traveled far and wide, hungrily eating her way through five continents, and documenting cultural happenings along the way. Viewing each adventure, and particularly the meals involved, as a gift, she seeks to investigate the ways in which food can serve as a context through which to explore foreign lands, history, politics, psychology and beyond.

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