pickled ramp martini

A sure sign that spring has indeed arrived – ramps. Prized for their mellow garlic flavor, the wild alliums can be a bit elusive. Such was the case when we stopped by a favorite restaurant in Litchfield, CT, Mockingbird Kitchen and Bar at Tollgate Hill Inn, for a libation recipe incorporating the plant. But Chef / Owner Sam Tilley was one step ahead of the game, with a barrel full of pearl onions submerged in an exotically fragrant brine and a bottle of Karlsson’s Gold Vodka awaiting its perfect complement. I think Sam may have found it.
pickled ramp martini
Straight up (yes, served that way too) one of the best martinis we’ve ever tried. Smooth, almost creamy, with herbal notes accented by cracked black pepper, if you’re searching for a signature sip this season, I think we we know where to look. Thank you, Sam!

pickled ramp martini
recipe type: cocktail
prep time:
total time:
the ramps may be pickled in less than a day : ½ cup water, ½ cup of vinegar (it's sweeter), 3 TB sugar, ½ tsp salt (to make less acidic add more sugar), yellow mustard seed, whole peppercorn and cardamom pods, juniper or bay leaf (optional) for earthiness
  • 1.5 oz quality vodka, preferably Karlsson's Gold made with virgin new potatoes
  • ramp juice (brine) - dirty as you want it
  • pickled ramp (or pickled pearl onion)
  • cracked pepper (we used Karlsson's brand)
  1. Place pickled ramp in a clean, tall martini glass.
  2. Add vodka and brine to shaker full of ice.
  3. Shake then strain into the glass.
  4. Crack black pepper over the cocktail.
  5. Get ready to fall in love with a drink.


[ editor’s note ~ to gratitude and healing ]

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