wrap up rather than round up

to be continued


It has been a fun run but as of today, our two year anniversary, larks & japes will be no mas, at least in this incarnation. We threw a few amazing shindigs, met some incredible contributors and are thrilled to see so much interest in pairing good food & people – every month it seems another cool event pops up. You won’t miss us. Well, we hope you will a little as we will still be working on projects here and there and are available to consult, collaborate or just share a glass.

’til we meet again…cheers!
Jacque & Margie

spring cocktail – all herbs aboard!

We went looking for a Spring cocktail and did we ever find one in The Standard Bartender’s Guide from 1948. Whoa! This drink is over the top herbal, so it’s like having every plant from your garden in the glass at once, including juniper. Strangely invigorating.
spring cocktail made with gin

spring cocktail
recipe type: cocktail
serves: 6
  • 3 glasses gin
  • 1 glass quinquina (if you can't find, red Dubonnet makes appropriate sub)
  • 1 glass benedictine
  • 1 dash bitters
  1. shake in cracked ice and serve with an olive

To Spring and fresh starts!

mama earth approved gifts & wrap

eco friendly designs and gift ideas1. hand-forged steel and concrete garden tools for Fox Fodder Farms hand-forged by Red PigNative Cast | light + ladder 2. summer fruit,  drawn by hand & screenprinted on recycled paper by artist Claire Nereim | general store 3. hand poured beeswax tea lights | brookfarm general 4. eco friendly paper towel alternative, washable & reusable Bird-E Towels™ | athena creates 5. pretty moroccan recycled glass tumblers | canvas 6. cute & BPA free reusable coffee cup | leif 7. gorgeous diy, compostable nature wraps by talented Justina Blakeney