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Initially founded as a one time skillshare hosted by two friends from Texas, larks & japes now designs goods + get togethers and frequently updates a blog covering food, entertaining tips and well-crafted finds.

We make stuff, throw parties, mix + mingle friends old & new, champion small biz, celebrate handcrafted / homemade / limited edition / unbounded creativity. Our wish is to stay curious and encourage people to seek and support things that make the world just a little better, a bit more beautiful.

make. fun!

larks & japes co-founder Jacque Jacque Lynn Schiller

co • creator larks & japes

A writer by trade and unapologetic dilettante by nature, Jacque is rarely without a notepad of some sort (napkins! hands!) and a hundred ideas whirling about in her head. Her approach to cooking and travel and just about everything else is to stumble in and figure things out as she goes. This has resulted in some strange job titles, raised eyebrows, an amused Mister and infinite fun. She enjoys peculiar roadside attractions, reading everything but instruction manuals and on rare occasions, sleep.
:: country :: vegetarian ::

larks & japes co-founder Margie Margie Lavender

co • creator larks & japes

Margie is an architect and illustrator with a zest for cooking and trying new foods. Most of her culinary exploits are vetted by her husband, Morgen, in their apartment in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. While he’s apt to admit he’s lucky to be the recipient of such exploration, he did once ask her if every meal had to be a gustatory experience as they drove around upstate New York looking for a particular specialty food shop for lunch on the road. Beyond the kitchen, their shared curiosity has led them to try their hands at beekeeping, boat-building, and many delightful travels. :: city :: omnivore ::

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