inspired by…pickle chiffon pie

pie party illustration by Margie Lavender


My favorite children’s book of all time is PICKLE CHIFFON PIE.
It would be a great twist on a princess party. The theme could be a fantasy royal-type ball and all sorts of creatures from the magical forest.
I would make key lime pie (since it’s green and a favorite of mine) and tell guests that it is “pickle chiffon pie”.
The theme of the book is how to win the heart of the princess by finding the most magical thing – so this could be a fabulous challenge for guests to bring the most unusual gift.
The moral of the story is that the most caring person wins, so I would have an “appreciation circle” and have everyone go around the table talking about the kindest act they have ever heard happen and by whom.
It would be a decorating host’s dream come true to create a fantastical palace dining room!
Mid-evil meets mod is the look of the incredible illustrations by author Jolly Roger Bradfield. ~ MAquotes-2

We’d love to see the looks on guests’ faces when they hear what’s for dessert! Meredith Alexander is the President of an amazing charitable organization, Milk + Bookies, that gets books into the hands of thousands of children who need them. Promoting literacy and fostering service learning through “book-raisers,” children are invited to choose, inscribe and donate books to their local peers in need and want of appropriate reading material. Books as currency – now that’s an inspired idea!

Thanks, Meredith! Concept sketch by Margie.

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