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We first heard of MoonBrine brewer Stewart Golomb’s pickling prowess from edible Boston. That was a few years back and he now handpacks his all natural, fermented cukes in Portland. Cross country moves seem to be a theme this week, along with meat and tomatoes. And what do you know, pickles happen to pair with both.

moonbrine pickles

pickles in all their MoonBrine glory ~ photo credit: Sandra Quatrale

My favorite drink, of course, is the Bloody Mary! The MoonBrine Mary is my number 1 choice, and so simple to make. Our Brine already holds the magical spices, onions, garlic, horseradish and salty deliciousness right in it! All it takes is 1 part tomato juice + 1 part MoonBrine Pretty Hot Pickle Brine, a squeeze of lemon and MoonBrinePickle garnish. This is a thin, refreshing take on the traditional cocktail.

~ Stew

bloody mary

MoonBrine Mary
cuisine: cocktail
prep time:
total time:
serves: 1
for a single cocktail
  • 4 oz tomato juice
  • 4 oz brine
  • shot of vodka
  • lemon or pickle to garnish
  1. Mix 4 oz of favorite tomato juice with 4 oz brine and stir.
  2. Add shot of vodka and garnish with lemon and pickle.
  3. Scale up for the masses.

As you can see, we forwent the pickle garnish and opted to go with this crazy curly garlic scape, fresh from our farm CSA and also cracked a few szechuan peppercorns on top for a tad more heat. There are all kinds of herbs and spices floating around in the brine, along with garlic and zippy citrus tang. Being deep red in color, you could serve at a Fourth of July party.

Or perhaps the next morning.


Thanks and pickle down, Stew!

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