bootb #3: coconut blueberry basil ice cream

Blueberries meet basil. Basil meet coconut. Our third exploration for the Blueberries Meet their Match Recipe contest found us experiencing a series of firsts and lessons learned – making the end result all the sweeter.

First time to . . . make ice cream, use a krumkake iron and open a coconut!


Coconut lessons . . .

  • We recently witnessed Chef Jennie Staines of Elvi’s Kitchen from San Pedro, Belize effortlessly open a coconut by knocking it with the back of a cleaver. Since we didn’t have a cleaver on hand, we thought a heavy 12″ chef’s knife would be a good substitute. Wrong – it didn’t make a dent. Youtube tutorial to the rescue, we cracked that nut with a screwdriver and a hammer. Easy.


  • Second coconut lesson – some coconuts go bad. Cloudy water and a soft brownish meat inside is an ick giveaway. Though this was a disappointing conclusion to our first coconut cracking experience, luckily we were prepared with a backup bag of sweetened flaked coconut.
  • Toasted coconut simmering in half-and-half is an aromatically decadent experience.

lj sweetened coconut

our ice cream base of coconut milk, cream, honey, sugar, and many egg yolks

ice cream base of toasted coconut milk, cream, honey, sugar, & many egg yolks

Pizzelle (or Krumkake) lessons . . .

  • A pizzelle (Italian) and krumkake (Norwegian) are basically the same thing. Same tools, same recipe, different name.
  • They’re easier to make than it might seem. All you need is a pizzelle (or krumkake) iron. If you don’t have a thoughtful brother to give you one (as Jacque does – thanks, Todd) you can find one here .

krumkake pizzelle iron

  • Don’t overfill the iron – 2 tablespoons really will do it! Otherwise you’re looking at a mess, and maybe a tiny fire (not to worry, it was quickly extinguished).


  • Pizzelles don’t like humidity. We set ours out to cool on parchment next to an open window on a rainy afternoon. They crisped up as they cooled and then softened right back up as they absorbed. Fortunately, there’s a solution for that, too. They can be re-cripsed by preheating the oven to 300 degrees then turning it off, placing pizzelles on a cookie sheet on the middle rack for 15 to 30 minutes.  Allow to cool, and they’re good as new!
  • Like muffins and pancakes, delicately sweet pizzelles are even better with blueberries mixed in to the batter!

pizzelles krumkakes and cones

  • Jacque’s krumkake iron came with a wooden cone for rolling conical pizzelles.  We couldn’t resist trying it out for our ice cream cones – which brings us to pizzelle lesson no. 6 – they’re hot right off the iron! Always first cover your hand with a thick towel and slide the pizzelle onto the towel then gently wrap it around the cone until it cools enough to hold its shape.  10-20 seconds.
  • If your wooden cone is a little too large to allow for a tight wrap at the bottom, as ours was, a blueberry dropped in makes a perfect plug for ice cream drips.

krumkake cone

button linking to recipesIce cream lessons . . .

  • Though its a series of simple steps, making ice cream takes a lot longer than we expected (this likely varies by churner). We used a Cuisinart and found that one needed to plan ahead by 2 days (16-20 hours for freezing the canister, and 4-24 hours for freezing the ice cream after churning).
  • To avoid slight crystallization of the texture, cool the ice cream mixture before churning as long as possible (1-24 hours), and don’t overfill the canister – 3/4 full is good (make two batches if necessary), and churn until it thickens, if possible.  But don’t worry if it doesn’t thicken enough during churning (as I did), it will harden when you freeze it.
  • Ice cream lesson no. 3 – it was well worth the wait – toasted coconut, basil and blueberry are a positively scrumptuous match.

larks and japes coconut blueberry basil ice cream in a blueberry krumkake cone

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