@blackbirdletter diy icosahedron ornament

letterpress ornament icosahedronwhat you’ll need:
20 paper circles (2″ to make a 3.5-4″ ornament, approximately or visit Blackbird Letterpress’s etsy shop to buy a kit)
triangle template
glue (we use PVA glue but a good white glue will work fine)
a scoring tool (or smooth side of a butter knife)

step 1:
Cut out triangle template from a heavy stock paper. Place triangle in the middle of all 20 circles and score around the three edges, with printed side of circle facing up. Use a scoring tool or the smooth side of a butter knife.

Step 2:
Valley fold the three sides of each circle, with printed side of circle facing up.
Step 3:
Glue the back of each side of one circle to another circle. (you will be gluing the unprinted side)
Step 4: Make a pentagon: If you want to hang the finished icosahedron, once 4 circles are glued together, tie knot in the string & insert inside. Glue in the last folded circle. This pentagon is the top of the icosahedron.
step 5: Make a 2nd pentagon made with 5 circles.
Step 6: Glue 5 circles to the outside edges of the 2nd pentagon, as shown.
Step 7: Glue in the remaining 5 circles, as shown. This creates the bottom of the icosahedron.
Step 8: Glue the remaining edges of the top piece to the remaining edges of the bottom piece.
Congrats! Well done! This is also a great way to upcycle all the Christmas cards you get in the mail. Great for ornaments on the tree or hanging around all year long.
Happy Holidays! ~ Kathryn Hunter, blackbird letterpress

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